What are these KSS files?

KSS files are sound files ripped from MSX games in the same way as SPC files taken from SNES games or PSF files from PSX ones.

You can find more information at Zophar's Domain.

Why MSX?

MSX was a very popular computer in Japan, Europe and the Middle East during the 80s. A lot of great games were made for the system, with some of the greatest made were from Konami. Most of themes were done by Konami's Kukeiha Club. More information can be found at MSX.ORG and the Ultimate MSX FAQ.

For more information on MSX games, you can Google MSX games for options.

How can I play KSS files?

Just download the plugin at the MSXplug website.

What KSS files do you have?

Help yourself with the files listed below gathered from around the Internet, thus are provided as is (please be my guest if you're willing to contribute in refining the provided playlists). To play them, just unzip and double-click on the playlist file.

PSG (normal MSX soundchip)

SCC (special Konami soundchip)

Check this page for more information about the composers of these great themes. Keep in mind that many famous themes started at the MSX (e.g. Castlevania, Metal Gear, Gradius, Ys)!

I want more... More!

Check out Shaiwa's or Valken's KSS sites.

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